Blake’s Hard Cider

Blakes Hard Cider Co. - Snap Dragon

If you drive through Armada, Michigan, you might not see much. However, there is something that may catch your eye. If you wander down some of the back roads of this small town, you’ll find some lovely apple orchards.


This may not seem like much at first glance. After all, the fertile land of Michigan is filled with many apple orchards. So what makes these orchards so special?


The apples of this orchard are carefully picked and pressed to make Blake’s hard cider. Blake’s is a locally owned company that proudly grows their apples for cider making. What is more, they do not get apples from anywhere else. So, when you look at these apple orchards in Armada, Michigan, you are seeing the product right before your very eyes.


I recently went to a small specialty beer and wine store and saw Blake’s as the featured beverage of the month. I decided to give them a whirl. The following are some of my thoughts and impressions upon tasting and experiencing this fermented apple drink.




Blake’s is particularly notable for the extremely decorative packaging. All of the drawings and fonts are reminiscent of some sort of woodsy fairy tale, such as Hansel and Gretel or Sleepy Hollow.


What I like about the packaging is that it totally sets the mood for the cider drinking experience. The pouring out of the hard apple drink did not disappoint either. The pale yellow color with small fast rising bubbles promised an exquisite cider drinking experience.



I will say this right out front: I absolutely love the aroma of this Blake’s hard cider. It was sweet with a rich apple scent that could have taken me right smack dab in the middle of those orchards in Armada, Michigan. There was also just a little tinge of dryness in the scent from the yeast, vouchsafing the fermented goodness that was inside the can.



This cider is very notably sweet. However, it has a natural sweetness and not that fake kind of sugariness that you might find in hard ciders of less noble descent. If you have any sort of sweet tooth, Blake’s fruit beverage will definitely provide that sweetness that you are craving.





Another excellent characteristic of this drink is the texture. Oftentimes, hard ciders can have a weird texture because the carbonation can be overdone or underdone. While the carbonation is definitely strong in this drink, the small plentiful bubble provided a nice massaging tingle in my mouth as I drank it.




Aftertaste is the final component in a solid hard cider. A good one will allow you to enjoy the drink and have fond memories of it long after the last sip is gone. Fortunately for the folks over at Blake’s, this alcoholic apple juice has the perfect aftertaste. Even after the last drop, I could still get a sense of the apples and the sweetness.




If you can get your hands on some Blake’s hard cider, I would highly recommend it. You’ll love it!